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9 Best SEO Keyword Analysis Tools 

Are you making efforts to search for the best SEO Keyword analysis tools? Everyone is making efforts with their search marketing. 

If you are doing the same, you are in the perfect place. This article contains all the relevant information about analyzing keywords for SEO.

Everyone in the field of digital marketing is trying to find the best strategies to drive more traffic to their website or pages. If you are a starter and you need guidelines to rank your pages higher on search engines using keyword analysis, don’t worry.

We will guide you all about analyzing keywords for SEO and the specific tools that you can use according to your budget to increase traffic on your website. These tools will also help you to know about the keywords that your competitors are using.

Before introducing the best SEO analysis keyword tools let’s have a look at what actually keyword analysis is. It refers to the process of finding the phrases that people enter in search engines when they search for a specific brand.

Competitors of different organizations use certain phrases so they can drive more visitors to their products on their websites.

SEO Keyword Analysis tools?

The basic purpose of designing the SEO keyword tools for you is to help you research the keywords that create ads or content to rank your website high. They guide  you about the following data:

  • Search metrics that include cost per click etc.
  • Keyword volume and difficulty

SEO Keyword Analysis tools

Keyword research plays a vital role in achieving success when you launch any digital marketing campaign. Tools for analyzing keywords related to SEO are an essential part of the toolbox of marketers. 

You should have information about the best tools that you can utilize for analyzing keywords while working on any campaign in digital marketing. Only by having knowledge about the tools, you can choose the best one for your campaign.

Why SEO Keyword Analysis is Important?

As we have already mentioned keyword analysis is important for the success of marketing campaigns related to search. However here are a few reasons for which marketers invest their resources and time into the analysis of certain keywords.

  • Keyword analysis helps marketers to drive their targeted traffic to their organization or website.
  • They are a great resource to notice the updated trends of search.
  • Analyzing keywords for SEO enhances conversion rates.

If you are trying to invest your resources and time using the right tools, follow this guide step by step. We have picked ten top-notch tools that you must have to analyze keywords for SEO to drive maximum traffic to your website. 

These tools must be on every marketer’s radar. Following this guide, you will be able to find out the best tools for your website for analyzing keywords. 

We have mentioned the best tools below that you can use for your website. Let’s have a look at these amazing tools.

List of 9 Best Keyword Analysis tools

1. Ahrefs

It is another tool to add to any marketer’s tool stack. It has similarities with Semrush in many ways when it comes to keyword analysis.

Ahrefs - best SEO Keyword analysis tools

To discover valuable keywords for adding to your content, this tool is an excellent option for you. With discovering the latest keywords, Keyword Explorer provides you following useful information.

  • Keywords different competitors are trying to rank for
  • Other keywords your high-rank pages rank for and keyword movement
  • Number of clicks that have your keywords in search results

Ahrefs provides you with several other tasks regarding SEO like rank tracking, backlink analysis, etc. You can also do site audits with it. The price of Ahrefs starts from $99 per month.

2. Semrush

If you want a world-famous SEO tool for your website then go for Semrush. The reason behind the popularity of this tool is it allows you to do any research related to SEO. 


Semrush is an excellent tool for SEO keyword analysis. It provides you with a clear picture of everything you want to know about a specific keyword. Semrush provides you following important information.

  • Search volume and related keywords
  • Intent and Keyword trends

Every marketer wants to know about the keywords their competitors are trying to rank for. Semrush features help you to get recent keywords that your competitors are ranking for. Moreover, you can have a report about the keyword gaps.

Semrush works in the WordPress dashboard to optimize any content for SEO you are working on. Using these tools, a marketer can have more phrases to include in his content. 

The cost of this tool is $99.95 per month for a base plan. Users can pay it annually. 

3. Serpstat

Marketers love to use this feature-rich tool for SEO keyword analysis. It is cost-effective for many marketers and business owners. 

Different big brands trust this flexible and easy-to-use tool. Using Semrush, you can easily see the ranking of your keywords and how your competitors are using the top-rank keywords. 


Moreover, the feature of getting information about the content is available. You can do it using the SERP feature. Serpstat gives its users a graphical representation that shows the historical interest of users for the particular keyword. 

See high-ranking ads if you are going to run a PPC campaign while using the features of this tool. Serpstat offers $69 per month for marketers. 

4. KWFinder by Mangools

KWFinder allows its users to research different keywords by domain language, location, and much more. A user can get a SERPs overview for his selected keywords with the help of KWFinder. 


Like Serpstat, this tool has a dashboard that makes it easy for users to navigate to reports they are working on. The base plan for Mangools starts from $29.90. 

5. Moz Keyword Explorer

The name Moz is almost known as synonymous with SEO. Its SEO tools rank best. You can easily conduct analysis regarding competitive keywords with the help of Moz. 

It sorts different keywords using predictive metrics such as difficulty, volume, and cost-per-click. Analyze SERPs in accordance with the keywords. Marketers can use different criteria in order to strain irrelevant keywords.

Moz Keyword Explorer - SEO Keyword analysis tools

When you start exploring the keywords you get a formatted CSV file if you want to conduct further analysis. It is easy and businessmen have been using it for a long time. 

The advanced engine of Moz provides you with accurate search metrics. It costs you $99 per month when you choose a base plan.

6. Long Tail Pro

As the name tells about the tool, Long Tail Pro helps you to search keywords that are long-tail in order to rank them high.  You can get a lot of data on your keywords and the keywords that market competitors are working on to rank them. 

Long Tail Pro

An amazing feature that users like is the color-coded keywords available according to the difficulty of particular research. It helps you to see whether your keyword can rank high or not. It costs you $27 per month.

7. Ubersuggest

It provides you with search volume data with estimated traffic and much more. Users get keyword suggestions, information, and keyword difficulty while using Ubersuggest. 


Marketers can have average backlinks to rank a specific keyword. It is cost-effective for the users as compared to other tools for SEO Keyword Analysis. You have to pay $12 per month to get Ubersuggest’s services.

8. Google Keyword Planner (Web)

The best thing about this tool that users will love is it is free to use forever. Using Google ads is not necessary to use this tool. It helps you to pull suggestions for the keywords of your website.

To get budget features, use Google Ads. If you want to do PPC keyword research, Google Keyword Planner is a perfect suggestion for you. Using this tool, users do not have to worry about expenses or limitations.

There are two basic features of Google Keyword Planner. You can use one feature for the keyword research that is exploratory and related to discovery. The other feature is available for users who want to do detailed research on search volume.

Google Keyword Planner (Web)

Many marketers can get information about the organic strategy they are using. It helps you where your ranking organically may be useful to save the cost related to PPC.

The “Keyword ideas” feature has similarities with the characteristics of other keyword ideas on the list we have provided you here.  When you search for any term, it gives you ideas for your keywords. 

Google Keyword Planner goes with changes in competition. It also helps you to filter your list of keywords by brand and non-brand keywords. 

9. Keyword Surfer by Surfer SEO

It is different from other SEO keyword analysis in our list. This tool is Chrome-based and best in on-page content optimization. Using this tool, you can find the average search volume of related keywords.

Keyword Surfer

It is a basic tool that is easy to use for keyword research. It costs marketers $34 per month.


The SEO Keyword Analysis tools mentioned here will help you rank your pages high on search engines. Use these tools according to your requirements and get a lot of benefits in the field of search marketing.

Many marketers and business owners are using these excellent tools to enhance traffic to their websites. You can get all the necessary information related to keyword research using these tools in a short period of time. 

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